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It is not just about signs, not anymore… There is no better proven investment than an LED display.

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The time of digital signage is upon us. You can’t travel very far without seeing an advertisement in a grocery store, a menu in a restaurant or a display in a hotel – all running on large-screen monitors. There’s a lot of excitement about digital signage and its potential, and companies should see the possibilities for increased revenues, reduced costs, and better customer and employee relationships. But the actual displays are only a small part of the equation. A digital signage system won’t transform your business without a sound strategy and the right technology

Sparkle Sign Co.  offers interior and exterior LED message centers. These message centers make communicating with your customer much easier. They are built using top of the line technology and are sure to produce a positive image of your company. The LED message center is just one building block of your custom sign. The LED displays are available in single, full and video color displays.

LED Color Variation: our 4 LED pixels have the capability to display 5.5 Trillion color True-to-life image reproduction. Compare this to our competitors 3 LED module technology only capable of 16 Billion colors. Sparkle LED displays focus primarily on full color, video capable, high resolution displays. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture displays up to 40 foot tall and 300 foot wide.