Sparkle LED

About Sparkle Sign Company’s LED signs…

Technical Aspects

LED Color Variation: Our 4 LED pixels have the capability to display 4, 294, 967, 256 different color variations. Compare this to our competitors 3 LED module technology only capable of 16, 777, 216 colors. Sparkle LED displays focus primarily on full color, video capable, high resolution displays. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture displays up to 40 foot tall and 300 foot wide.

Local Service and Support: Located in Northwest Houston, Texas, We have maintained a presence in Southeast Texas for over 31 years.

Pixel Sharing: Our 20mm LED displays utilize a pixel sharing technique, displaying out a “virtual” 10mm LED. The virtual pixel allows visualizing content in a higher perceived resolution through a process called “pixel interpolation” By controlling each LED on its own, virtual pixels can be created between physical pixels. Using these techniques, we can offer some of the highest resolution displays on the market.

 Single module technology: Our LED boards are designed and produced by the means of LED modules. These modules work and function independently from one another, while simultaneously working together to form the image. This way, in the event that anything should happen to your board, repairs are simple and can be done on-site. Each board has its own power supply and intercooler, so the hassle of
hauling a screen around town is out of the picture. This is the same technology used in the Dallas Cowboys LED board.